Russian Road Workers Show Us How Not to Patch Up Potholes

The state of a country’s roads says a lot about how that particular country is run, and just how much of the “taxpayers’ money” money is reinvested into the infrastructure. In Russia, it seems that they really don`t have a lot of funds, and this is clearly evident in the video above.
The workers simply get a shovel full of steaming hot asphalt, then dump it in the pothole, yet instead of using a steamroller (even a small one would work fine in this case), they stomp on it. Even the stomping action is lethargic and clearly doesn`t get the job done.

Potholes filled up like this will not last more than a few days, when the process will be repeated, and the results will be exactly the same. Furthermore, paving roads and covering up potholes is a very bad idea in winter, because the new tarmac does not adhere to what is already there, and it makes the situation even worse...
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