Russian Driver Uses Ford Focus to Chop Down Tree

We were quite shocked by an accident we posted yesterday, where an Mercedes-Benz S-Class driver lost control of the car and ended up chopping a tree.
Well, apparently, the S-Class is not the only car used for tree chopping, as we have just found a new video of a new Ford Focus sedan doing just as good a job as the bigger and heavier S-Class. The driver of the white Focus really has no excuse for going off the road, as his car is front-wheel drive (it was snap-oversteer that caused the aforementioned S-Class to crash).

All jokes aside, if we may, we still have no explanation for the Focus veering this hard to the right. We don’t see the car being hit by another, either. At least it didn’t end badly for any of the passengers, but what they will be left with is an amusing story.


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