Rolls-Royce SUV Will Have Its Own Aluminum Chassis, Not Shared with BMW

Rolls-Royce SUV 1 photo
Contrary to popular belief, Rolls-Royce’s CEO, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes claims that their recently announced SUV or crossover will not be using the BMW X7 chassis. Instead, the company claims that it will be using its own, aluminum version developed specifically for the upcoming model and other that might follow later on.
This is big news but it also seems like a bit of a marketing scheme to draw attention to the car and attract more customers that simply don’t want BMW underpinnings on their bespoke models.

And while the underpinnings have been the focus of attention at the Geneva Motor Show, where the Goodwood-based manufacturer brought out what they call the most expensive Phantom ever made, the biggest issue will still be its design.

The car has to maintain the Rolls-Royce DNA and evolve towards the future at the same time, without falling into disgrace or leaving the customers wanting for more. Furthermore, it has to have a rather taller ground clearance to cover more unconventional terrain so that will also pose a couple of problems.

However, Mueller-Oetvoes said to Automotive News that an early design sketch was already presented to 50 customers in the US last year. No word on how it was received though which might tell us more than what the CEO wanted to say.

Another issue that should be discussed is whether this will be a 7-seat or 5-seat vehicle but knowing Rolls-Royce it will probably be neither. Most likely, this crossover will be offering plenty of space for 4 people and that will be it. It’s unlike the Brits to cram 7 people in a car, it’s not elegant.

Fierce competition coming

It’s all sounding really intriguing but things won’t be as easy as they seem right now. Bentley is also developing an SUV-like car and they already gave us its name: Bentayga.

On top of that, Lamborghini is working on the Urus while Aston Martin revealed the DBX crossover concept at Geneva that looks more than interesting and could offer us a preview of how a future model would look like.

Even so, Rolls-Royce doesn’t consider all of these other models rivals because of the bespoke character of their own creation. In an earlier statement, Gery Spahn, the head of communication for Rolls-Royce North America said that the customers that buy cars like these, view them like an accessory, something that would go well with their multi-million yachts for example. Therefore, considering other cars as rivals just because they are closely priced, doesn’t make sense, as this is not a matter of money.

In the meantime, we’re waiting to see all of these cars in a nice line-up and we’ll be the judges of whether there is a competition between them or not.
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