Rolls Royce Introduces the Phantom Sapphire

Is it a gemstone? No... Is it a crystal? No... it's just the new sparkling member of the Rolls Royce Bespoke Collection: the Phantom Sapphire!

The Phantom already had its precious siblings (Phantom Silver, Phantom Pearl and Phantom Tungsten), but Rolls Royce's extensive customization program demanded another jewel in the family (via It is built on the long wheelbase spaceframe and exhibits many luxury features.

Rolls Royce's new born drives its name from the unique shade of Milori Sapphire (a sort of navy blue) of the bodywork. The masterpiece's interior comes in a combination of either navy blue with seashell highlights or seashell with navy blue highlights. Pretty intuitive though...

However, what goes beyond imagination is the walnut burr veneer featuring inlaid diamond pattern marquetry. That we call luxury!

And since time could easily fly while treating yourself with such a car delight, Roll Royce has thought of taking you back to Earth when looking at the blue decorated diamond-shaped sapphire clock. As if it weren't already too much blue in this car, the owner will get matching blue accented silver key fobs and a Conway Stewart fountain pen set in a lacquered, walnut veneer box.

Travelers in the rear seat weren't forgotten either. If they want to have a little drinking fun, they can use the champagne flutes from the lounge seat glass cabinet. Besides that, they can also find there a pair of crystal tumblers. The drinks can be stored in the two-bottle cool box, which is located beneath the rear lounge seat and contains a drinks holder milled from a single billet of aluminum.

Of course, the Phantom Sapphire won't be seen on all roads as it comes in a limited edition for a restricted audience.

We have no major objections regarding the model, but our main concern regards the so much blue in the car. Hope that won't make its owner feel blue...


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