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Ridiculous Fix Resolves Android Auto’s Phone Call Problem

If you typically use Android Auto to talk on the phone while driving, there’s a chance that you experienced what could very well be described as an odd behavior happening mostly during a call, with audio going mute all of a sudden.
Audio doesn't seem to work in phone calls on Android Auto 1 photo
In other words, you can’t hear the person you’re talking to and they can’t hear you, with some even claiming that the ringing itself is muted too.

Google originally said it’s investigating this behavior, but up to this point, the company is yet to come up with any suggestion. As a side note, a new Android Auto update is projected to go live in just a few days, and hopefully, phone call audio would be back to normal.

Meanwhile, someone has discovered a workaround that appears to restore phone calls on Ford models. While this is only aimed at models with SYNC 3, similar steps could also improve the audio experience during phone calls in other cars if such options are available.

So what you need to do in Ford models equipped with SYNC 3 is to actually activate the phone ringtone for phone calls. This means that phone settings would be used, which for some reason restores the normal behavior and you can then hear the other caller just fine.

To do the whole thing, just follow this very simple path:

Settings > Phone > Set phone ringtone > Use phone ringtone

As ridiculous as it may sound, after enabling this feature the audio in phone calls is back without the need for any other patch for Android Auto, your Android phone, or the car’s head unit.

It remains to be seen if this does the trick for everyone, but without an official solution provided by Google itself, everyone’s only option is to actually give a try to such suggestions and hope something would bring back audio in phone calls.


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