Rider Misses Turn, Avoids a Frontal Hit with a Car, Gets Airborne and Crashes Hard – Video

When on two wheels, mistakes are often costly, and the times when one makes errors which are not followed by severe consequences are the exception to the rule, we daresay. However, the bad thing is that at times, small mistakes can have a very wrong turnover, and unfortunately, the video below is showing how nasty things can become even in circumstances which don’t predict anything bad. 
Rider airborne after hitting the foot of the mound 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture

If anything, we could have suspected that one of the rides would clash with several others, taking down multiple bikes into a pile, with other motorists hopefully careful enough to avoid running someone over. It looks like our fears have been surpassed, as one of the fellows simply misses a right-hander. What follows could be included in the “How to make crashes look spectacular” textbook for film makers. 

Miss a turn, miss a car, crash uphill and fly 

If anything, we’re glad to see the guy alive, even though he will most likely have to deal with a lot of broken bones. The footage is not very clear but you can see how closely he misses hitting a car head-on, a collision which would have killed him on site, for sure. 

The bike carries too much speed in the corner, and the fellow could not, or would not try to lean harder into the turn. The guy decides to pick up the bike and passes inches in front of an incoming SUV. While at first we thought the car clips him, examining the road for debris makes us thing this was only an incredibly close shave.

When the high speed bike hits the foot of the mound, it is simply thrown high in the air, some 15 meters (45 ft) up the slope. The landing is of course very hard, and some viewer discretion is advised if the moans of a man in pain are usually too much for your ears. As for riding in a group, here's a very informative guide.

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