Rider Ignores the Stop Sign, Lives to Regret This Bitterly

Stop signs are usually put in place for an extremely good reason, and I guess you’ll all agree that making it home without being crashed into is such a reason. Problem is that some motorists often ignore the need to slow down, come to a full stop, observe the road and only then drive on, once you’ve made sure passing through the intersection is safe.
Rider Ignores the Stop Sign 1 photo
Honestly, watching this rider dash through the junction without even slowing down gave me the creeps. Such lateral collisions are often left with severe injuries which sometimes lead to amputated legs, due to the extensive nature of muscular and bone tissue deterioration. In such scenarios, unsuspecting drivers hit the bikes like a wrecking ball, especially as they are often in full throttle, expecting that the other road users give way.

We can observe the stop sign and the rest of the cars stopped in front of the camera vehicle, but the rider looks completely oblivious to the danger which may lurk around the corner. Since visibility does not appear to be restricted by vegetation, buildings or parked vehicles, the rider could have easily spotted the incoming car and braked earlier to his safety, but it looks like he simply couldn’t care any less.

As mindless as his riding was, the chap was pretty lucky after all, as the car missed hitting him perpendicularly. You can see how his rear wheel starts to drift after the hard (but late) braking, misaligning the bike and saving the day, if this can be referred to as a save, anyway. The rider was back on his feet briefly, visibly shaken after the crash, but this may be only because of the shock. Anyway, he’s lucky to be able to do so.


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