Farewell Polaris RZR, Lucky Riders Barely Avoid Being Drowned

A fun way to spend a weekend or even more, off-roading does come with a lot of dangers. Even though some of those who venture off the beaten track think that their skills are more than enough to tackle pretty much any sort of obstacles which may come in their way, nature has a very interesting way of proving that in reality, these fellows are not exactly the toughest nut to crack.
Farewell Polaris RZR 1 photo
And when it comes to crossing rivers, almost any guy in their right mind I know will say more or less the same thing: each time they ride their ATV or motorcycle into a stream, they know that things can go very wrong in so many ways and they try their best to avoid getting themselves in unnecessary trouble.

While crossing a stream and dropping the bike is indeed troublesome (getting it out, drying it, cleaning the engine and all), riding an SxS into a fast-flowing river comes with some extra danger, and having your Polaris RZR swept away by the strong current it the least of the nasty things heading your way.

Getting trapped inside the vehicle as the rider loses control and the vehicle flips over under the water level is a much more dangerous perspective, and the rider has high changes to end up in the coroner van, even for riders who haven’t strapped themselves in their seats.

Luckily, both occupants of the RZR managed to get out of the SxS before it flipped for the first time and it looks like they have also made it safely to the shore. The buggy however, only seems to be heading the right way for a scrapyard or massive, expensive repairs at best. As for the rest, we can only hope that they learned the tow line and winch lesson and will do better next time, if not avoid attempting to cross a rushing river altogether.


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