Overloading an ATV for Uphill Rides Is a Very Dumb Idea

Overloading an ATV for Uphill Rides Is a Very Dumb Idea 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Weight limits when riding an ATV have a very solid reason for being there: safety. However, every now and then, some fellows will decide they’re way smarter than the guys who have actually built and tested the quad… and ignore their official advice. Obviously, most of these situations come to a nasty end, with mauled vehicles, broken limbs and all sorts of similar injuries… and sometimes worse.
The video you’re about to see is a textbook example of people really asking for something bad to happen. There is so much fail in this footage it’s hard to pick a thing to begin with. For starters, it’s obviously overloading the machine. Most of the ATV’s are built for two-up riding and there is a strong logic behind forbidding more than a rider and a passenger aboard – you guessed it – safety and stability.

More weight on top of the quad shifts the center of gravity closer to instability, thus increasing the chances to see the machine flipping over much more easily. Add in the erratic movement of two inexperienced passengers and the chances to crash grow even higher. Secondly, deciding to have the biggest passenger seated on the rear of the ATV is also silly. Such a move can only be surpassed when going uphill this way… which is unfortunately the case here.

Third on the list is not strapping the helmet properly. Even though these fellows have not sustained head injuries, I would attribute this to sheer luck. Seeing how their helmets flew off their heads was a rather disturbing sight, I must admit, but thankfully the ride did not end with brains splattered over the big menacing rocks, even though the odds for such a gruesome crash were rather good.

Funny thing, the rider apparently came off with the fewest injuries, with the passenger in the rear having an injured leg and the girl in the middle being the most unlucky of the trio. Seriously, this was a terribly stupid idea!

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