Rider Gets Broken Arm and Acid Thrown at Him Trying to Stop Bike Thieves

You’d think that stealing a motorcycle in a city known for its ample security camera network is not a common sight. On the contrary, thieves now do it in plain sight during daytime and will fight back if someone tries to stop them as you’ll see in the video below.
Thieves leaving with a Yamaha R1 7 photos
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Yamaha R1 getting stolen in London parkingYamaha R1 getting stolen in London parkingYamaha R1 getting stolen in London parkingYamaha R1 getting stolen in London parkingYamaha R1 getting stolen in London parkingYamaha R1 getting stolen in London parking
A two-minute clip shared by famous London moto vlogger Royal Jordanian, shows four men trying to steal a Yamaha R1 from an underground parking during daylight, with people passing by not giving a damn about it.

The guy filming the whole scene, also a rider, unsuccessfully tried to raise attention on what was happening so that other passers-by would react in some way. As if cutting down a disc lock, an Almax Series 4 chain and a Squire lock with an angle grinder was just a random thing to do on an afternoon.

Apparently, no seemed to care so our brave rider went back trying to deter the four thugs from what they were doing. Outnumbered and unarmed, he couldn’t do much but revving his engine around and yelling, with two of the thieves trying to attack him.

The other two managed to free the R1 and started pushing it out of the garage, while the cameraman tried one more time to stop them. But coming from behind where the remaining two thugs that took our hero by surprise throwing some sort of acid at him. He briefly lost balance and fell down along with his bike, claiming to have sustained a broken arm in the process.

The four scums managed to escape the parking and vanish on the London streets. Commenting on the video, a witness described the robbers as “two dark-skinned males around 5ft 10 and a light skinned 3rd male around 6ft 2.”

“I was on the edge of the parking lot when I saw them scurrying out of the parking center with the bike in tow,” he added. “I also saw them drop what looked like a small science vial which now makes sense seeing as they threw it at Bravo Biker, the smell from the vial was definitely hydrochloric acid or sulphuric as they smell the same.”

Getting your bike stolen is a hard-to-deal-with situation, and Royal Jordanian himself went through the same ordeal with his original Husqvarna Nuda getting nicked last year. Which explains why he chose to use his popularity to make this story as public as possible.

The R1’s owner also posted the case on Facebook so if you want to check out the missing bike in detail or provide him some information you can do it there.

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