The VanMoof SmartBike Comes with a Lifetime Anti-Theft Warranty

The thing with bicycles is that they are never safe: they're not safe on the road, where drivers are so frustrated they seem one step away from actually condoning murder when it comes to people on two wheels; they're not safe in you garage either, as they're probably the most valuable thing a thief could easily steal and make a getaway; but most of all, they're not safe out in the city, tied up to a tree, a post or a bicycle rack.
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No matter how strong your bicycle safety chain is (or U-lock or whatever), a thief will always know how to break it. It might take him a little more time on some of the models, but that's about the only difference. That's mostly why people use very cheap bicycles for commuting, and only bring out their thousands of dollars MTBs or road bikes when they have a very clear route that doesn't involve stopping or leaving the bike unattended.

Still, in most western European cities, riding a piece of junk doesn't mean you don't run the risk of coming out of the pub (or the library) only to find a bunch of air in the space once taken by your bicycle. That's because most bike thefts aren't premeditated actions, and just drunk people who get out of the pub (or the libra... no, it doesn't work this time) earlier than the bike's rightful owner and need a ride home, so they take one. Any one.

Well, Dutch bike manufacturer VanMoof thinks it might have a solution to the problem. It's not banning alcohol all across Europe, but something much better than that: the SmartBike. It owes its name to the fact that it comes equipped with a computer and a GPS module embedded in its frame. The computer does what it knows best and tells you about distances, speed, and calories, while the GPS is there for one reason only: to enable tracking the bike in case it goes missing.

VanMook is so confident about this system, it's offering its future clients (the bike has just been introduced) a brand new bike in case the older one can't be retrieved by its team. Which, excuse me for pointing this out and possibly ruining everything, means that once you get bored of your bike and want a new one, all you need to do is make it disappear, and then tell VanMoof about it.

The most basic 3-speed SmartBike will cost $1,098, but pricier options will be available. Apart from the GPS feature, VanMoof is also offering a keyless chain that you can unlock using a smartphone app, plus integrated front and rear lights and a dynamo to keep all these electricity-powered gizmos going. The SmartBike is available for pre-order, so if you fancy a bicycle with that iconic horizontal tubular frame and a lifetime anti-theft warranty, $1,100 might actually be money well spent.
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