Rezvani Beast Is a 500 HP Very Mean-Looking Little Donut Machine

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Rezvani Beast 500Rezvani Beast 500Rezvani Beast 500Rezvani Beast 500
You may have heard about the Rezvani Beast, an Ariel Atom-based miniature supercar that's been in development for quite a while. The boring part seems to be over now, as this behind the scenes video of the official shoot does very well to prove.
Rezvani Beast is the answer for all those who've ever wondered what an Ariel Atom with an actual body would look like, and the answer is 'even meaner'. With its exposed frame and barebones attitude, the Ariel Atom isn't exactly what you would call friendly, but Rezvani Beast takes it a step further.

It's got the same extremely low profile and an open top, but aside from that the Rezvani Beast has little to do with the Atom in terms of aesthetics. In fact, looking at the rear and the taillights' shape, it reminds us more of a Jaguar F-Type crossed with some Audi DNA. In other words, it looks aggressive, but classy. It's the same story up front where the low and narrow headlights make sense of the second part of the car's name.

Judging from what we can see in the movie (and from what we know about the Ariel Atom), the Rezvani Beast presents itself as a very tail-happy little vehicle. The fact it was driven on a closed track by a professional racing driver named Samuel Hubinette helps, but we wouldn't expect anything else from a 500 hp car that weighs 750 kg (1,650 lbs).

This Rezvani Beast is the top 500 model, which uses a 2.4-liter Rotrex™ Supercharged engine and a manual six-speed transmission that sends all power to the rear wheels. With a better power-to-weight ratio than the Bugatti Veyron, it's easy to understand how the Rezvani Beast can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 2.7 seconds.

For those Ariel Atom owners who would like to keep the flies at least off their trousers, the Rezvani Beast comes as a conversion kit as well that will shod your little skeletal racer in a carbon fiber curvacious body together with a set of other upgrades all for the price of $69,900. A brand new Rezvani Beast, however, will set you back $139,000. A lot of money for such a little car, yes, but it's the fun you're paying for, and that's hard to come by lately.

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