Razor Crazy Cart Shift Is the Next Scaled-Down Drift Learning Machine

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If you’ve ever attended defensive driving classes, you’ve probably been put behind the wheel of a car whose rear wheels had been replaced by swiveling, shopping cart-like little wheels.
The idea behind this part of your tuition was to get you used to feeling the car drift, correcting its trajectory with the steering wheel and keeping it balanced with the throttle and brake pedals. But all that was happening at a very slow speed, from the comfort and safety of a full-size car complete with airbags and whatnot.

Razor’s Crazy Cart is quite the opposite. It still has wheels similar to the ones described above, but apart from that and the fact that it comes with a steering wheel, it’s a completely different proposition than that car we were telling you about.

Designed primarily for kids, Razor realized that there was a huge potential demand from grown-ups, so it came up with the Crazy Cart XL - as the name suggests, a larger version of the original Crazy Cart vehicle. Both of them came with a top speed of 12 miles per hour (that’s 20 km/h, or your average bicycle commute speed) and a patented drift bar that allowed the driver to go from normal go-kart driving to regular drifts and all the way to the type of sliding around that gave this vehicle its name.

There’s some footage below of the original Crazy Cart in action, but now Razor has announced the imminent launch of a new model. Dubbed the Crazy Cart Shift, the new version lets go of the drift bar and allows the driver to control drifting via the steering wheel. In other words, it should feel more similar to how an actual car behaves - if the fact that your knees are right before your eyes and your ass is three inches off the ground doesn’t do enough to convince you otherwise.

Razor will tell us more about this new product shortly, and hopefully whether an XL version for it will be released too, but those adults with a smaller frame can already begin to save the $350 needed to land one. Now all you need to do is find a plane surface, as shock absorbing isn’t one of Crazy Cart Shift’s main abilities.

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