PSC Motors Reveals SP-200 SIN Hypercar, All We Get is Renderings

PSC Motors SP-200 SIN 9 photos
Photo: Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa
SP-200 SIN HypercarSP-200 SIN HypercarSP-200 SIN HypercarSP-200 SIN HypercarSP-200 SIN HypercarSP-200 SIN HypercarSP-200 SIN HypercarSP-200 SIN Hypercar
Not too long ago, we brought to you the story of an anonymous carmaker from Las Vegas ambitious enough to consider building a 1,700 HP hybrid megacar. The car was supposed to be presented this month, and that happened, but not as you may think.
You see, whenever someone announces a new car reveal, we usually think of a press release, some automotive journalists invited and an actual, physical unveiling of the car. Well, that's not the case when your name is PSC Motors.

We expected the Las Vegas-based brand to put their money where their mouth is, which, of course, kind of happened. They revealed the car alright, but only in Pixel Land, as a study designed signed by Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa, the same 15-year old designer responsible for imagining the Aston Martin DB11.

According to company officials, these renderings only preview the final form of the SP-200 SIN, if that is ever to happen. Honestly, we were expecting to see the car in the metal or, to be more precise, in the carbon fiber composite and aluminum.

We can't say too much about the renderings but it should be noted that from where we are standing they look promising, even though it's not very hard to spot McLaren and Hennessey Venom GT styling cues being borrowed in some areas.

Despite not knowing how relevant are the hypercar's specs at this moment, we'll remind you that the SP-200 SIN was designed to pack 1,700 HP coming from a hybrid powertrain setup made of a mammoth 9.0-liter V8 and an electric motor tucked in on the rear axle.

Moreover, the megacar was supposed to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standstill in 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 280 mph (450 km/h). It does sound atrocious, but it will take more than a handful of renderings to convince us.
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