Porsche's 'Art of Dreams' Exhibit Illustrates Childhood Dreams in Miami

Porsche's global art initiative, called The Art of Dreams, is coming to North America for the first time. The German sports car marque will have an installation at the Perez Art Museum Miami that is called "Dream Big." It is open to visitors daily from 11 am to 6 pm, from November 29th to December 3rd.
Dream Big by Chris Labrooy 6 photos
Dream Big by Chris LabrooyDream Big by Chris LabrooyDream Big by Chris LabrooyDream Big by Chris LabrooyDream Big by Chris Labrooy
The work was made by Scottish artist Chris Labrooy, and he thought of the child in every one of us for this installation. As you can observe, the artistic installation features a larger-than-life figure wearing a racing driver's helmet and holding a white Porsche 911 Carrera.

Due to the size of the figure, the vehicle appears to be a toy car. And its position relative to the figure reminds us of the days when we were kids and were ruining the carpet or wood flooring by playing with toy cars. They said it will lead us nowhere, but we're here now, so our inner kids should be damn proud of the adults they have become.

As its creator described it, the artwork is an homage to the dreams of childhood. It is meant to inspire the beholder to wonder where their dreams will take them next.

Now, that is an entirely different issue, as being human involves having more than one dream, and once you fulfill it, you risk feeling empty or strange, so you must keep on dreaming to keep your gears spinning in your mind.

Porsche launched The Art of Dreams series of interactive art installations back in October 2021. The German marque kicked off the series with a work by Cyril Lancelin, which was placed in Paris. The same exhibit was later moved to Singapore. Another exhibit, created by Ruby Barber, was placed in Milan during the city's Design Week.

Now, the latest exhibition was first created on a computer, and it was then transferred into reality. However, the virtual work is not set to just wait in the cloud or on a hard drive in the form of bits, as it will be a reference to another Porsche project that will be unveiled in the future, as Porsche announced.

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