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Porsche Macan Turbo Dressed in 911 GT3 RS Lava Orange: Pun Intended

We've always felt inspired by the power of a little Porsche option that's aptly named "paint-to-sample." Being the optimists that we are, we're always on the lookout for Porsche people who feel the same way and today we've got a new such example to show you.
Porsche Macan Turbo Dressed in 911 GT3 RS' Lava Orange 1 photo
We're talking about the Macan in the image above. A member of the Turbo breed, this crossover is dressed in Lava Orange, a hue that entered Zuffenhausen's portfolio as the current 911 GT3 RS launch color.There's more to this than the eye candy
With the Macan's understated styling cues, a typical treat of Porsche design, this color helps the 400 hp machine express its feelings and emotions.

Given the fact that this is the sportiest crossover money can buy at the moment, and we're talking about the near-sportscar handling here, we expect the color pun to have been intended.

Sure, the Macan, even in $76,000 Turbo guise, is far from delivering the intoxicating corner negotiation abilities of a $175,900 GT3 RS, but this Porsche sticks to the road in a way that will make you forget everything you knew about jacked-up vehicles.

After all, this hue choice does come from a team that knows a thing or two about the German carmaker's ways. The Lava Orange Macan Turbo can be found in the Porsche Exchange showroom.

We're dealing with an Illinois dealer that's famous for its bold moves, so we might as well consider this a traditional stunt. And with these men and women preparing to move into a new showroom, we can only expect more of their playful configurations in the future. So we're expecting the staff not to be worried about the day when a customer takes this Macan home.

P.S.: We can't help but watch the image above and imagine how it would be like to have such furniture in our office.


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