Porsche Macan Spotted on the Street in Spain

A completely undisguised Porsche Macan SUV was spotted just last week in the Spanish seaside resort town of Sitges. Now, the fact that it's completely uncamouflaged shouldn't be any sort of surprise, since the Macan was revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show a few weeks ago. But what was this one doing in Spain?
2014 Porsche Macan S 1 photo
There's a little something strange about it too, like the fact that there's no badging on the back and the wheels are a matte black. It could be just a late development model being tested in real world circumstances, basically to see what it would be like to own the Macan on a holiday.

The Macan SUV is derived from Audi's Q5 SUV. It's smaller and lighter than a Cayenne. In Germany, the cheapest model is the Macan S, sold for €57,930 and equipped with a 340 PS V6 turbo engine.

Video by SuperCarallDay:
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