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Porsche Cayman Airborne Crash Looks Like a Mad Max Stunt

You are about to watch what happens when all the stars align perfectly and a Porsche Cayman strikes the base of a bridge at exactly the right place to go flying.
Porsche Cayman Airborne Crash Looks Like a Mad Max Stunt 1 photo
The accident happens in Russia… obviously. More precisely, it occurs in Novosibirsk, located in Northern Ossetia. The roads are wet and the white Cayman spins out even before the crash occurs.

It hits the base of the bridge nearly sideways, is sent flying though the air and even hits one of its taillights on the water pipe above. Seconds later, it slams hard onto the ground and body parts come flying everywhere.

The driver is clearly to blame, but he wasn't going all that fast. The people who built or maintained this road should have installed barriers just before the concrete structure, which is shaped just like a ramp.

Whenever I see those road works that are shaped like ramps, I think that you can perform a triple loop while jumping off a bridge into a river or off a cliff.

That's the sort of trick you can only pull once… because it kills you. So it's best to do it while there are people with cameras to immortalize your greatness. Good thing everybody in Russia has a dashcam!

Russia used to be the best in the world at acrobatic gymnastics. They've gotten bored with the sport and switched to go-go dancing and professional twerking, but the old Soviet gymnastic judges remain. I wonder how they would rate the flip that this Porsche performed.

Did the Cayman have perfect form or did it miss the landing? Will they deduct point for hitting that bar?

To us, this looks like a cross between Mad Max: Fury Road and a scene from NFS: Porsche Unleashed. But tell us what you think with a comment.



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