Police Helicopter Chases Scooter Runaway, Ground Troops Get Him after Crashing Twice

Scooter rider fleeing from the police crashes on a patch of grass 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
There are only a few of us who haven’t done stupid things when we were teenagers. From unruly behaviors, small acts of hooliganism, booze-related offenses and the list could technically go to unfathomed distances. However, being a naughty teenager is one thing, while involving police helicopters and ground troops in a pursuit is a much different story. Anyway, such things happen in real life, and here’s a story which could have ended very bad…
You all know the drill, if you behave like an idiot in traffic, there will be people calling the cops and alerting the law enforcement guys about your actions. This is exactly what happened back in May, after three teenagers on a scooter almost collided with a family car in the Druids Heath area, Birmingham, UK.

Police sent a helicopter to track down the troublemakers

As the scooter was mobile and those who called the police could only declare the area where they were almost impacted by the two-wheeler, the cops decided to have a helicopter fly to the area. It was not long until the chopper tracked down the three young people riding the scooter in the said neighborhood.

The two passengers decide to flee when they see the helicopter, leaving the rider alone. Funny thing, the rider, who later was identified as a 13-year-old boy, thought he had a chance to escape the police. We can believe that the adrenaline rush made him ignore the fact that the “eye in the sky” was in permanent contact with the troops on the ground, as escaping from it riding a scooter was technically impossible.

Still, the young fellow kept on riding, and would have probably done so until he ran out of gas or into a police car barricade. Unfortunately for him, it looks like the very grass in that neighborhood was not exactly thrilled with his deeds. The rider came off the scooter while crossing a patch of grass, and repeated the stunt once more as he tried to keep on riding.

The youngster left the scooter and made a run for it, even dodging the first officer who tried to catch him. Eventually, the boy became too tired to keep running and was apprehended by a second police man, without resisting. After questioning, he was handed a police caution, but he surely had a lot to explain to his family. The sources do not mention theft. Via visordown.

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