Pokemon Go Players Get Their Car Shot at After Night Run For New Pokemons

Hunting Pokemons just became a lot more dangerous, as two teens were shot at after stopping their car in front of someone’s house.
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Screenshot of Pokemon Go game footageScreenshot of Pokemon Go game footageScreenshot of Pokemon Go game footageScreenshot of Pokemon Go game footageScreenshot of Pokemon Go game footage
It happened in Palm Coast, Florida, and the incident involved an unidentified man who fired at a vehicle that was stopped in front of his house. Even though the homeowner did not live in a secluded area, he decided to take his small-caliber semi-automatic gun and shoot at the vehicle sitting in front of the house with its brake lights on.

The two occupants of the vehicle, a 19-year-old and a 16-year old, were players of Pokemon Go, and stopped there to catch Pokemons at 1:30 a.m. According to News4jax, they caught a “Tauros” and a “Maowak” while they were on Primrose Lane, but they could have snagged a few bullets too if they had been less lucky.

While the homeowner was eventually found, but his identity was not revealed, the two parties have conflicting stories regarding the sequence of events that led to a car having a flat tire and bullet holes in its bumper and fender.

The two teenagers claim they heard gunshots and sped away, while driving directly home. They thought someone tried to scare them, and did not mention the incident to their parents until the shots were spotted on the vehicle's body, along with the flat tire.

Meanwhile, the homeowner says he stepped in front of the car and requested its occupants to stay still, but the teens sped away, and he fired at them after getting out of the way. As you can observe, the two reports are conflicting, as one side claims the driver and passenger spotted the armed man, while the other says differently.

Both reports do mention the vehicle speeding away after gunshots were fired, but the homeowner claims he believed the car was about to strike him, and that was his reason to shoot at it.

Local authorities insist that home proprietors and Pokemon Go players behave in a more cautious manner, and asks all citizens to call 911 if they spot something peculiar that they feel endangers them.

Gun owners are requested not to fire their weapons unless their lives are directly put at risk, in an attempt to avoid situations like these, where the teenagers were stationed legally on a public road, but risked getting shot because of a zealous and paranoid homeowner.

We must note it is wise to never trespass someone's property, as well as to exercise caution while playing games like Pokemon Go.

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