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Palm Cane Wrapped Volkswagen Pickup

We’ve seen a lot of money spent on cars wrapped in velvet and even coins the past few weeks. Today we take a look at a poorer approach on this mater.
Cane Wrapped VW PickupCane Wrapped VW PickupCane Wrapped VW PickupCane Wrapped VW PickupCane Wrapped VW Pickup
A Nigerian named Ojo Obaniyi,used an abundant material from his homeland, the raffia palm cane, to wrap the Volkswagen pickup that he owns. Unlike modern wraps, he somehow took it to a whole new level. Apart from the dashboard instrumentation, the radio and some buttons and trimmings, the whole car is wrapped in braided palm cane. The exterior features a dark brown finished weave and for the interior, a lighter braiding was used.

Actually, Ojo is a talented artisan, and he came up with this wrapping to advertise his raffia palm cane weaving business. As he said , he “wanted to prove a point that it is not only the educated elite that can make positive changes in society.”

Credits: African Spotlight


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