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Range Rover Gets Covered in 57,412 Coins

You know how your Xbox says "Achievement Unlocked" whenever you kill a big boss in a video game? This guy has definitely unlocked the "Most Crazy Thing to Do With Money" achievement!
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Car Wrapping is very popular in the arab world, and we like it too if we have to be honest. But not even wrapping your car in gold foil is as crazy as this. Somebody took things even further and actually put money on a car.

Patrick3331 who filmed the car tells us a total of 57,412 coins were glued to this car. There's different types of coins on this car, but the average weight of one seems to be abut 3 grams. A bit of math, and we learn there's about 170 kilos (360 lbs) of metal covering this Range Rover.

If you'd park this car next to a phone booth in New Delhi, all the coins would be gone in a day, but these Arab folks have enough loose change as it is, so the money is safe.

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