Onboard Footage of Famous Video Game Vlogger Ali-A Driving a Formula E Race Car

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
The 21st century brought with it a lot of new ways of making money, and vlogging (video blogging, for those three people who don’t know what it means) is one of the hardest to comprehend for some.
These guys basically make videos of themselves while performing certain actions, they talk about it and make various comments, we watch their clips, and they get paid. So much so, in fact, that they don’t even have to work. Well, if you don’t consider vlogging to qualify as work, that is.

It’s easy to understand why some people might be a bit more than a tad envious of these guys, but, hey, the Internet is an open place, nobody’s keeping you from doing the exact same thing. But what these guys are is the new wave of entertainers, and not everybody’s cut out to do it. Otherwise, we’d all be making YouTube videos and starve to death because nobody would be baking bread, raising crops and manning the power plants that provide electrical current.

Speaking of electrical current, here is the Formula E trying to reach a whole new audience by inviting famous YouTuber Ali-A to have a spin in the competition’s electric single-seater race car. Ali-A is best known for his videos covering gameplay from the Call of Duty franchise, which prompted some commenters to question the decision, asking if a gamer who actually plays driving simulations wouldn’t have been more appropriate.

But we’re sure Formula E looked at the number of followers before making the choice, so don’t hate on them for thinking commercially, and don’t hate on Ali-A for being a lucky SOB (for all you two out there who don’t know, that’s son of a... oh, nevermind).

With a GoPro camera mounted just above his head (and a few more in other parts of the car), we get to see how it all went down as Ali-A took the electric race car around the Buenos Aires street circuit. As he puts it himself, he was both nervous and excited, and it’s easy to see the former of the two feelings as he doesn’t really push the car as much as he could. Still, it just goes to show how instantly accessible these cars are to somebody with relatively limited experience.

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