Obsession With Safety Inside the Limousine Built by Vladimir Putin's Russia

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Aurus SenatAurus SenatAurus SenatAurus SenatAurus SenatAurus SenatAurus SenatAurus SenatAurus SenatAurus Senat
Russian President Vladimir Putin loves to be driven around in his own limousine, the Aurus Senat. Aurus is one of Russia's newest car brands, founded by a group of Russian car manufacturers together with the Russian government. The main goal was to develop a car for President Vladimir Putin and politicians close to him. The limousine can also be bought by private customers, and the main ones would be Russian businessmen and oligarchs.
Although the Senat is supposed to be a showpiece for the Russian car industry, the design was inspired by a European brand, Rolls-Royce. The technology also has Western influences. For example, the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine was developed with the help of Germans from Porsche. This is coupled with an electric engine, and together they produce just under 600 hp. Power is sent to all four wheels via a nine-speed automatic transmission. The 0-100 kph sprint takes less than 6 seconds, and top speed is 250 kph (155 mph).

Because safety is very important to those travelling in the Aurus Senat, the vehicle provides a number of specifications that make it almost indestructible should enemies attack it. On the website of a luxury car dealer called Aurus Avilon, we see that the limousine can be configured with 14 special safety features. This is called Aurus Senat BP5 Special Edition.

Among them, there is an emergency exit in case of total or partial locking of the door, by opening the rear window. Then, the wheels have an inner support that allows the vehicle to continue moving despite the loss of tyre pressure. Senat BP5 Special Edition is also equipped with bullet-proof windows and ballistic body protection, both complying with the BR5 protection level.

Because communication is also very important, the car has an intercom system. It is designed to facilitate communication using the half-duplex “Receive-Out” mode between the people sitting inside the car and those outside.

An armored fuel tank protects against fuel leakage in case of a ballistic impact, and the underside and ceiling are also protected from explosive devices that could be placed under or on top of the vehicle.

To prevent toxic gas poisoning of people inside in the event of an attack, the Russian limousine can also be fitted with a system that supplies fresh air to the passenger compartment.

Last but not least, the Aurus Senat has a fire extinguishing system designed to detect and extinguish fires under the bonnet or under the car.
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