NZI and Telefonica Show Smart Helmet and Bluetooth Gloves

NZI smart helmets and gloves 1 photo
Photo: Telefonica
Spanish helmet manufacturer NZI has announced a new line of experimental lids developed in collaboration with the telecom giant Movistar and its subsidiary, Telefonica. Far from being just another “smart helmet”, the new project integrates advanced road safety functions and a completely new interface.
Namely, the new Telefonica NZI helmet is equipped with an internal GSM module and can be operated with the corresponding smart gloves with a set of predefined gestures. Both devices are linked using Bluetooth communication and allow for multiple operations to be carried out. This includes communication, audio landmarks, video and photo, navigation, audio streaming and intercom.

Given the GSM module operating inside the helmet, range issues are eliminated as far as intercom is concerned. Technically, this helmet acts like a casual phone, using terrestrial cells and relays, and is also able to access the Internet, provided a data plan is present.

Talking to the rest of the riders in the group is now much easier and independent of the geographical conditions. This means you can reach your buddies even if you’re lost on the other side of the mountain, and are not sure whether they’ve already passed through the tunnel or not.

Or you can set up a conference call and make real-time decisions without stopping, while calls to other friends and relatives at home or at the office are equally easy.

Both the NZI helmet and the smart gloves are equipped with sensors which can detect an accident and alert the emergency services, providing accurate location info and ensuring quicker route planning for the medical team.

Still in a prototype phase, this system will surely be developed further as the EU plans to enforce mandatory eCall systems in both cars and motorcycles in the not-so-distant future. Find out more on this technology in the attached PDF.

Via motorbiker
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