NYPD Cop Pops Wheelie on Confiscated Dirt Bike, Crashes it Into Cars

One NYPD cop made a complete fool of himself when he set out to ride a confiscated dirt bike himself to the station, instead of waiting for a trailer to come pick it up. And yes, it was caught on camera.
NYPD crashes confiscated dirt bike after losing control at intersection 5 photos
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Footage of the incident popped up online the other day, prompting the NYPD to issue a statement to the New York Post saying that, while the matter is under internal review, the cop was fully in his rights to ride that bike. That is to say, it’s standard practice for officers to driver or ride confiscated vehicles if no trailer is available.

The cop has also been identified as Officer Brian Hinton. You can see Hinton’s recklessness in the video at the bottom of the page.

At first, he gets on the dirt bike (without a helmet) and he pops a wheelie – without the slightest intention of doing so, by the look on his face. He then runs a red light and sprints into an intersection, slamming the bike on the tarmac when he loses all control over it and sending it into two nearby cars waiting at the light.

Perhaps worse than the humiliating crash is bystanders’ reaction to it. You can hear a man yell “Hell yeah!” several times, while a woman is laughing out loud, while putting all cops in general on blast, as if this was some act of divine justice.

NYPD spokeswoman Jessica McRorie tells the Post that police had found the dirt bike abandoned at an intersection, after whoever drove it recklessly left it there when witnesses called the cops. Hinton sustained an injury to his shoulder in the accident, for which he required medical attention at the hospital. Another colleague was also hurt, “while stopping another rider,” the Post adds.

However, McRorie insists that this is “how you bring the bikes back if you don’t have a trailer to put them on. You can’t leave them in the street.”

Well, not exactly like this, if you know what we mean.

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