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Now You Can Ask for a Tesla Model S Taxi in Vienna

The capital city of Austria has recently joined the exclusive club of those who have Tesla Model S cars running as cabs around town. The first EV ride came in this May, but the company’s plan is to create an entire fleet of about 20 cars. Customers can specifically ask for a green ride as the fare is the same with the normal taxis.
Wien's first Tesla Model S taxi 1 photo
Okotaxi is a young taxi company running in Vienna and Southern Lower Austria that stands for responsible, economic activity associated with a sparing use of the environment. According to Okotaxi, there are over 200 taxi drivers from 23 countries working for the company. The fleet consists of Toyota hybrid taxis. Until recently, when the first Tesla Model S joined the team.

Milan Milic, the owner of the business, said he is planning to built up an entire fleet of electric cars having already bought one Tesla Model S in May, with another three cars to join the team this autumn. Milic says there are a lot of financial advantages, considering it costs around 7.4 euro to fill the car up with enough power to run for 400 km.

Any customers that want to take the Tesla Models S can opt for it the moment they ask for a cab and the fare is the same with all the other rides. Even though there are not a lot of charging stations in Wien yet, the company claims plans are being made along with the town hall to test a more widespread charging infrastructure.

Vienna is not the only big European city to switch to Tesla Model S taxis. Amsterdam airport has also announced they’re getting 100 cars and a similar service already exists in Oslo, Norway as well.


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