Not Sure if the sPereBike Is Amazing or Silly

Great technological advances often start with what may initially seem like a dumb or ridiculous idea. Problem is, the silly ideas are no different, and telling between the two is often a very hard task. If we were to judge on Laszlo Pere’s sPereBike concept, finding out whether it is “cool or fool” is an even harder thing because, you see, the bike sort of makes some sense.
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Photo: Laszlo Peres
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Summing things up, the sPereBike is a bike with a perimetral frame which acts like a roll cage. If you want, this is the two-wheeled version of a rally car… give or take. Now, to what degree a feet first motorcycle responds to the needs of certain riders, this is a completely different story.

The sPereBike should help new riders conquer their fear

When riding a traditional motorcycle, the absence of any protective structure between the operator and the other vehicles on the road or obstacles may be a disheartening perspective for some. We all know at least one guy who would love to ride motorcycles but who is also very afraid because of the very absence of any barrier. Explaining to him or her that this is the essence of the “freedom of riding a motorbike” will not do, so here’s the sPereBike, one of the solutions… maybe.

The idea behind the sPereBike concept is as simple as it is intuitive. It doesn’t bring anything exactly new or revolutionary to the game, as such motorcycles have been prototyped and even manufactured in small numbers before.

For some reason, none of these designs took off big style, and this might be an indicator of how successful such bikes could ever become.

Adding a seat belt to the game could increase the safety level, especially when it comes to preventing the rider from meeting the asphalt at a high speed. The roll cage, Sparco rally seat and a crash helmet could be a successful combo and make a huge difference when luck runs out and it’s crashing time.

Feet forward may not be the ost popular motorcycling experience

Now, the biggest problem for the sPereBike may not be the funding its creator is trying to get via IndieGogo. $40,000 (€32,500) is not a sky-high goal, but the funding is directly depending on how many people find that feet-forward is the right way to enjoy motorcycling.

As far as the first sketches show, the sPereBike is not the most leaning-friendly bike on the market. We can hope that Laszlo will improve the design of his machine so that turns can be approached in a more aggressive manner. Keeping the bike straight around the bends is definitely no fun, and only has a trace dose of real motorcycling experience, the way most two-wheel-hearted guys define it.

Whether the sPereBike has any chances to roll of a future potential assembly line is up to you and the supporters of the project. Of course, many will say that the sPereBike has just as much ”motorcycle” in it as the Polaris Slingshot or other similar vehicles, but you know what people say, the sun shines the same upon everyone.
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