Nitro Rail Is The World’s First Dragster-Style Street Bike

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It’s not really that easy to drive one of the fastest vehicles in the world. After all, a top fuel dragster accelerates from a standstill to 100 mph (160km/h) in as little as 0.8 seconds. But not all people need to be professional race drivers, so instead of wishing to burn tires while being crushed by a 4.0 G force, you could always go with a dragster-style street bike instead. Less the risk, double the coolness.
Top Fuel dragsters are so fast they finish the 1,000 foot (300m) runs in 3.7 seconds. Capable of reaching up to 330 miles per hour (530 km/h), these speed machines will subject the driver to an average force of about 4.0 G over the duration of the race. In other words, driving these powerful cars is not really that simple as it appears when you’re watching a NASCAR race on television.

But like we were saying earlier, we don’t all have to be speed fanatics. In fact there are quite good chances that some of those who like dragsters to be rather attracted by the looks of the vehicle, than actually its performance (yeah right!). Anyway, this seems to be what people over at Nitro Rail, Bohata Custom think since they’ve designed a 68-inch wheelbase bicycle that brings the bad boy out of any rider.

Marketed as the world’s first dragster-style street bike, the Nitro Rail behaves as a normal bike, as it has incredible hill climbing power with no sacrifice to top end speed. Apart from the long wheel base on the back wheel, it also features a stainless polished drag link with TIG welded rod ends and race car HEIM joints.

If being a bad boy is not really your thing, you could always buy one of the accessories from the makers of the bike, such as the Bell Child Seat, to give your kid a cool ride, or Dudester Pet Carrier, for you beloved four-legged pet. And in case you don’t want this bike at all, you can simply surprise you kid with the Micro Rail for kids model, a scaled down version of the original one.

Want one for yourself? You’ll need a grand. Want to make your kid happy? It will cost you 400 bucks. Want to order? Check our their website.

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