Newport Convertible Wants to Turn the 2013 Mercedes G-Class into a 2-Door

You're probably looking at this picture and telling yourself "well, that's a new car, that's just a short wheelbase G-Class". But no, it's actually a rendering.
2013 G-Class 2-door rendering 1 photo
Newport Convertible, the same company that likes to chop the roofs off Range Rovers and turn them into safari vehicles, wants to turn a 2013 Mercedes G-Class from a 4-door into a 2-door.

They say they will stretch the rear door to provide "more comfort and style." Did it work? Well, not really, but this has something to with what the rendering is based on. If we're not mistaken, the carbon fiber monstrosity is the 2011 Mansory G-Couture based on the G55 AMG W463 model, a four-door. Had they photoshoped a normal 2013 G63 AMG, the outcome could have been better.

At the very end of their press statement, the American company says that "Newport Convertible Engineering has successfully completed the FIRST 2013 Mercedes G Wagon 4 door to a 2 door. It will be featured at upcoming Auto Shows." We're eagerly waiting to see the real deal!


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