New Ducati Teaser Tells Us What Style Is, Sort Of

New mysterious Ducati 1 photo
Photo: YouTube capture
A new teaser arrives from Ducati, and it is almost as enigmatic as the ones before. The title is "This Is Style" and is consistent with the entire campaign. Right from the very first teaser, This Is Black, we suspected that Ducati would be using meaningful words for their teasers and we tried to anticipate which bikes they corresponded to.
So far, we have failed utterly, but simply because Ducati isn't in fact offering any clues in these teasers. We dare say they are a bit too eclectic and because of this, they sort of fail to captivate the interest of the public.

We searched on the internet for reactions to Ducati's campaign and it looks like people are not exactly excited over these videos, specifically because of the lackluster scarcity of true info.

We most likely mentioned before how interesting Kawasaki managed to make the teasing campaign for their two supercharged Ninja bikes, and how captivating each video was. Technically, Akashi unveiled small bits and parts of the whole picture in such a clever, properly teasing way that both Kawasaki fans and bike technology enthusiasts alike were eagerly waiting for each new episode. Which, unfortunately, isn't the case with Ducati.

A tank profile is the only usable hint

Still, "This Is Style" may hold some hope. The teaser shows a highlight that follows the lower line of the fuel tank, and this might be a hint, albeit a faint one.

Comparing that line with what we know Ducati has in store for the fall, we could suppose that the Style teaser shows the new Diavel-based Ducati, but this is only a guessing game. The highlight, however, seems to follow the lines of the new Ducati powercruiser we showed to you earlier.

We're still some two weeks away from the Ducati World Premiere 2016, when all will be unveiled. Ducati will stream the November 16 event and fans will be able to watch it on

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