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New Akrapovic for Ducati Scrambler “Releases the Beast”

Akrapovic reveals a brand-new aftermarket addition for the Ducati Scrambler, an exhaust silencer accompanied by accessory exhaust lines that will change the character of the bike. Aimed at "releasing the beast", the new slip-on dual can integrate the design of the Scrambler to perfection.
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Akrapovic for Ducati ScramblerAkrapovic for Ducati ScramblerAkrapovic for Ducati ScramblerAkrapovic for Ducati ScramblerAkrapovic for Ducati Scrambler tech factsAkrapovic for Ducati Scrambler, dynojet graph
The Slovenian manufacturer replicated the overall looks of the stock cans, and upgraded the design with some of its characteristic lines. The result is a silencer that retains much of the stock looks and also brings a dash of aftermarket DNA to the game.

An all-titanium build, the new exhaust was engineered with input from the conical designs that equip the Grand Prix bikes. The sleeves are painted matte black, with an inconspicuous, but ever-present Akra emblem to tell the story of an upgraded machine.

The noise inserts are removable, so the rider can choose between a tamer, well-behaved tonal characteristic for daily urban riding and a much more aggressive, throaty tone. Since the Scrambler is powered by one of the Monster engines, you can expect it to never pass unnoticed. Hear it roar on the Akrapovic website
While the stock silencer of this Ducati is rather plain and modest as far as the sound gets, the Akrapovic cans change everything. Plus, installing them will add as much as 2.3 horsepower at 7,200 rpm and provide a 3.7 Nm (2.7 lb-ft) gain at 4,150 revs.

You'll also jump from 6 kg (13.2 lb) to only 2.4 kg (5.3 lb), meaning a 60% weight reduction. The noise level will increase from 96 at 4,125 rpm to 98 at 4,125 rpm. Ducati riders can rest assured, as the Akrapovic silencer is offered with ECE and EC compliance testing.

A Slip-On Line Open version is also available, sporting a full titanium link pipe and no pre-muffler. For prices and availability you should contact your nearest Akrapovic dealer, but installing the new exhaust is an operation that only requires minimal tech skills. A manual is supplied with the cans, and Akrapovic says that the whole thing should be completed in around 45 minutes.

If you're not sure about getting such an exhaust and releasing the beast inside your bike, check out the sound of an Akrapovic Ducati Scrambler.


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