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NASCAR Land Rover Defender Mashup Would Make One Hell Of an Eccentric Racecar

Messing with automotive icons seems to have turned into a game for a group of pixel-wielding aficionados. Then again, with these people delivering renderings that look almost surreal, it's hard to hold something against them.
NASCAR Land Rover Defender Mashup 1 photo
The latest example of this kind comes from the image above, which shows us what happens when a Land Rover Defender gets a NASCAR makeover.

We're dealing with the kind of microscopic ride height that would either require a race track, or an air suspension. The vertical perception of the Defender is further changed with the help of a chop-topping job, while the wheel-tire combo perfectly explains the left-steered position of the front wheels.

As for what Yasid Design, the digital artist behind the shenanigan, had to say about the virtual contraption, well, things are rather unclear. "I have no idea what went through my head, but Land Rover Defender purists will have to make do. I wonder what other SUVs would look like..." the pixel player explains on his Facebook page.

Especially since the British automaker ended Defender production back in February, the 68 years of offroading pedigree packed by the model will determine those purists to cringe at such a sight.

However, before everybody starts throwing Minecraft-built rotten tomatoes at this creation, we have to explain it does make a bit of sense. We'll use the power of example to illustrate this and mention what happened at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The British velocity celebration saw a NASCAR Toyota Tundra truck setting the third fastest time, with the blue collar racecar only being beaten by a McLaren P1 LM (second place) and a Subaru Impreza WRX STI time attack racecar.

After all, the motorsport-reinvented Tundra did beat the "standard" McLaren P1's time, so perhaps a Defender body with racing-spec underpinnings wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.


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