NASA Closing In On Final Design For Mars Rover, It Will Look For Signs of Life

NASA is planning a new mission to Mars, and it will imply the use of another robot with wheels.
NASA's 2020 Mars Rover 2 photos
Overview of 2020 Mars Rover
NASA has not shown the final design of the Mars 2020 Rover, but the organization has revealed its purpose. The primary goal is looking for signs of past life on the Red Planet. The secondary objective is collecting samples of Martian rocks for research. The collected rocks will reach Earth at a later date.

NASA has yet to give the new rover a proper name, and after the “Boaty McBoatFace” crowd-naming event, we do not expect them to be open to suggestions from the public.

For the moment, all we have is a computer-designed simulation of the rover, which uses some of Curiosity’s advantageous features. On top of Curiosity’s elements, the new rover comes with more science instruments, and a sampling system to collect rocks.

NASA will send the new robot to Mars in the summer of 2020, and it is expected to arrive by February 2021. An uninspired person might consider calling this new robot Valentine, but we expect more creativity from NASA. Also, to speed things up, we suggest NASA to announce that there is oil on Mars, and that the Red Planet needs some democracy ASAP.

The new mission will target a region of Mars where NASA believes its environment may have been favorable for microbial life so that the new rover will probe the soil in search of evidence. Once the collected soil and rock samples arrive from Mars, scientists will be able to determine whether life has ever existed on Mars. Analysis of soil will also bring advancements into the plan of sending people to the Red Planet.

Meanwhile, people on Earth are focused on catching Pokemon with their smartphones, making selfies, and arguing on the Internet over conspiracy theories, politics, sports, and whether that dress was blue or gold, or whatever.

So, big thank you to NASA for focusing on things that matter of humanity. Who knows, maybe this new Mars mission will convince people the Earth is not flat, and that the USA did reach the Moon in 1969. The jury is still out on the matter of jet fuel melting steel beams, but humanity will figure that out.


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