$290 Million British Research Ship Could Be Named Boaty McBoatface

Would you trust the Internet to name your child? No, of course not. Since you're not constantly caught up with research or studying the latest scientific advancements, you've actually had the time to read a few comments on various online articles or YouTube videos. So you know the Internet is a place full of ill-mannered, illiterate dumb-asses who, on top of it all, are very eager to spread their stupid ideas.
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The British Natural Environment Research Council, however, thought otherwise. In 2019, it will be sending its yet unnamed polar research vessel to Antarctica, and since any ship needs a name, NERC figured it would be a good idea to get the people involved. And by "people," we mean everyone with an internet connection.

The £200 million ship (nearly $290 million) is being built at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Merseyside using government funds, and will carry out research mission to both the Arctic and Antarctica. However, it might do so while wearing the Boaty McBoatface on the side of its hull.

NERC created a website (which is now constantly down due to heavy traffic) where people were asked to give suggestions (very, very important word, since it could prove to be the poor ship's saving grace) for the research vessel's name. After just one day, the clear favorite was Boaty McBoatface, with over 18,000 votes.

It's not like NERC didn't attempt to prevent something like this. The website did say that they "would like the name to be inspirational and about environmental and polar science, to help us tell everyone about the amazing work the ship does. Finally, we don’t want it to be a name we have already used for one of our science ships (James Cook, Ernest Shackleton, Discovery and James Clark Ross)."

Aside from Boaty McBoatface (the more we say it, the more we like it), the public came with other suggestions such as "Cold Trousers," "What Iceberg?" or "It's Bloody Cold Here," but some more serious options were also considered, such as Henry Worsley, the British explorer who died two months ago after nearly completing an unaided cross of the Antarctic.

The Guardian reports that the final decision will be made by a panel later this year. The public has until April 16 to cast their votes or submit proposals, but given how things are going, Boaty McBoatface's popularity might turn out to be in vain. On the other hand, it is the Brits we're talking about, so we could very well see a new member being added to the McBoatface clan. Which, in our humble opinion, would be the correct choice. It's just a matter of how well developed the sense of humor of those in the NERC panel is.

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