Movie on Self-Driving Cars Coming from the Pirates of the Caribbean Director

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Us, petrolheads fear autonomous cars in the same way parachutists fear letting go of the airplane that got them up in the sky: we know we eventually have to jump. Meanwhile, however, IT giants and big carmakers alike are spending millions to get the proper technology and legislations to get the self-driving cars on road. But what would you say if we’d tell you there’s a movie on autonomous cars in the making already?
After all, the concept has been one of humanity’s oldest plans, with experiments being conducted since at least the 1920s. The first automating cars trials took place in the 1950s and work has proceeded since then. Yes, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Continental Automotive Systems, Bosch, Nissan, Renault, Toyota Audi, Volvo Peugeot, Tesla Motors, they all started seriously looking into it the last years.

Google is the IT giant that seemed to be among the developers to be the closest to actually see their self driving car on the streets, while Apple is probably the youngest to join in. But as you can see, it appears the self driving car will be part of our future, whether we like it or not. And while some of us keep fighting the wave, including most of the governments, it seems Hollywood is riding it.

It's a comedy

Sony Pictures apparently acquired an untitled pitch that Steve Conrad will write and Gore Verbinski - the same director that worked with the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies - will direct, Deadline reports. Even though there’s no title yet, it seems the plot will have “the funniest comedic actors of this generation” racing each other from Paris to Beijing in cars they apparently have no control of whatsoever.

Soon enough, what was supposed to be a beta test to vet competing software companies, turns into a race as the passengers do what ever they can to turn into drivers and win the trek.

Whether the movie is going to hit the screen before we’ll see the first self-driving car actually driving on the road in normal conditions, we don’t know, but it sure seems so looking at the current premises.
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