Motorcycle Riders to Benefit from Light Adjusting Lenses

Any motorcycle rider knows that he needs vision protection, not only for everything the road throws at him, but also for facing the changing weather conditions. Needless to say, changing the visor or the glasses every time the weather changes is not that comfortable. Therefore, Wiley X has introduced the Wiley X Zak with Light Adjusting lenses model in their Active Series.

Don’t worry, just because it’s complex, it doesn’t mean you won’t look good. The new model features an attractive frame fashioned from rugged triloid nylon, while the lenses are treated with a special scratch-resistant coating.

As for the lens technology, because this it what makes the new Wiley X Zak so special, you first need to know they exceed the stringent High Velocity Standard for impact resistance, just like the Wiley X protective eyewear systems used by U.S. armed forces. Aware of the protection from airborne irritants or even small rocks kicked up by passing vehicles, bikers should have no fear riding in tough road conditions.

What is really innovative is that these impact resistant lenses also protect eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays and will significantly reduce eyestrain associated with long hours spent concentrating on the road.

This Light Adjusting feature allows the tint of these advanced lenses to lighten or darken in response to changing sunlight conditions, allowing riders to pass through shady areas, ride through tunnels and back into open sunlight again without having to remove their glasses.

The gloss-black frame also features rubberized nose pads for added comfort and a secure fit when the road conditions get rough. It delivers optimum facial coverage, providing riders with extra protection from wind, dust, flying insects and peripheral glare that comes at all angles for when passing over changing road surfaces.

The Wiley X Zak with Light Adjusting Lenses comes complete with a black zippered case, leash cord and cleaning cloth. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn't mention anything about the prices, but we will keep you posted.


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