Redraven's First Self-Cleaning Dirt Bike Racing Goggles

Any dirt bike rider knows how uncomfortable it is to remove his/her hands from the handlebars to use pull cord roll-offs and tear-offs to wipe their goggles and clear their vision. Fortunately, Redraven announced the release of a new roll-off system together with the Speedview goggles.

The system, which is perhaps one of the most interesting innovations brought to the world of motocross racing, is fully motorized and wirelessly controlled through a button mounted on the handlebar.

Speedview is quite easy to use, as the rider only has to press the button with his thumb, which then transmits a digitally encoded wireless signal up to the goggle unit. The motor activates once the signal is received and decoded, and that is when a clean strip of film winds across clearing all the dirt from the rider’s vision.

Considering all of these benefits, such as improved vision, performance and safety, most dirt bike riders will certainly choose Redraven’s Speedview. However, no matter how many riders are on track using these goggles, the systems will never cross-activate. So, don’t worry about wiping a fellow racer’s goggles.

Speedview’s encoding and syncing technology allows only a pre-synced trigger and goggle unit to communicate with each other.

The Speedview full kit comes with an RRP of $165 and includes the following:
  • Speedview (SV) system fitted to Redraven Warrior goggle
  • SV Receiver unit
  • SV protective pouch
  • SV Trigger, transmitter unit
  • 2 x SV clear speed-rolls, with up to 40 clears per film
  • Protective SV tin case


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