Morocco's Auto Manufacturing Industry is the New Gold Standard of Africa, Here's Why

If you believe every nation on earth deserves the right to build and drive its own automobiles, your team just scored a major win. In a world dominated by European, Asian, and American automakers, Morocco has quietly become the first African country to establish an automotive manufacturing infrastructure.
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Moroccan Auto IndustryMoroccan Auto IndustryMoroccan Auto IndustryMoroccan Auto Industry
In what’s amounting to one of the biggest rags to riches stories the industry’s seen in ages, it’s estimated that as much as 24% of Morocco’s national GDP could come from its exploding automotive sector in 2022. Much of this growth comes from investments from Renault. The French automaker told the Financial Times that Morrocan parts make up anywhere from 60 to 65% of every Renault sales under different brands.

Even with an ongoing global health crisis, the Moroccan manufacturing sector produced parts for over 400,000 vehicles sold on markets like Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. In 2015, the Morrocan government allocated $7.76 billion to upgrade an industry generally reserved for more powerful nations from the ground up, and its effort didn't stop there.

This unprecedented growth on the African continent is unlike anything it’s seen in modern history. On the continent known for the lowest quality of life of any on the planet, Morroco is proving with a strong will and no interference from imperial superpowers, the Morrocan people are more than capable of producing for themselves.

The Morrocan auto industry’s helped to create over 220,000 high-quality, high-paying jobs as a result of its prolific growth. These jobs come in fields like sales, service technicians, clerks, and management staff, positions that must be filled if any national manufacturing sector hopes to prosper. Now that one of the biggest automakers in France has formed an ironclad bond with the North African country, there’s no telling how high their limits will go. What a time to be alive.


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