Moots Ends an Age-Old Curse With Their Vamoots 33: Titanium Fun for Less Than Ever Before

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Vamoots 33Vamoots 33Vamoots 33Vamoots 33Vamoots 33Vamoots 33Vamoots 33Vamoots 33
Listen, if you're going to go out there and spend thousands of dollars on a bicycle, why not make sure that what you're buying is going to last a lifetime? In the spirit of finding the indestructible bicycle, I've arrived once again Colorado's own Moots.
If the name Moots sounds familiar to you, it might be because we've featured this crew's work on several occasions. With their aim to craft bicycles that last a lifetime even more, how could I resist bringing them to light? They achieve this by crafting their magnificent two-wheelers out of nothing more than titanium.

Actually, Moots has specialized in crafting bicycles out of titanium for as long as anyone can remember, decades and counting. But before we go on and meet the Vamoots 33, let's take a look at why titanium is this crew's choice of building material.

Now, as I was growing up, the one material that frame manufacturers favored was steel. Then, aluminum hit the scene, followed by carbon fiber. What few people are aware of is that titanium made its appearance somewhere between aluminum and carbon fiber.

Vamoots 33
Photo: Moots
Yet, there's one big reason why we don't see the market flooded with titanium bikes: its price. Titanium's chemical properties bring lighter, stronger, and non-corrosive frames to the game, often rendering countless other materials obsolete. This might be because titanium bikes often enjoy lifetimes that are longer than their owner's, and a bike like that is costly.

Even Moots themselves have done all they can to help reduce the costs of such magnificent beasts, and that's precisely where the Vamoots 33 comes in; it's this manufacturer's answer to a decade-long problem and aims to lower the costs of owning a two-wheeler crafted from this timeless material.

Overall, the 33 falls under the Vamoots class of bikes, this manufacturer's road-destined machines, but with a twist: the 33 "redefines the concept of 'Allroad' cycling." In short, it's the sort of bicycle you can ride around town, down highways and even dirt and gravel roads. Best of all, you won't need to change your bike or components to do so; every inch of the 33 is tuned for road-riding pleasure.

You already know why titanium frames are so dang delicious, but to prove a point further, be sure to check out the images in the gallery to really see what Moots has achieved here. While you do, be sure to take note of the 3D printed flat mounts, a signature feature on Moots bikes, the nearly seamless welds, internal cable routing, and that vibration-dampening carbon fiber fork.

Vamoots 33
Photo: Moots

One important aspect of the 33 we need to consider is the fact that it's crafted around 38c tires. This means a bit more softness and grip while riding than with your average road tires, but it also unlocks the ability to handle those spurts of dirt road, a ride up some Riviera, or around a picturesque vineyard. If, however, you're used to riding on thinner rubbers, as long as you adhere to sizing, you should be able to make the switch. Just be sure to tend to your rims, too.

Now, I understand that it may be rather difficult to get a feel for this bike from where you're standing, and to test one, you may need to make it out to Steamboat, Colorado, but a few numbers won't hurt, and this is where we can see the Moots magic at work.

Most manufacturers build bikes as though they're all shaped with the same cookie cutter, but exploring the geometry of the 33, you can see that Moots has taken the time to ensure that each size is perfectly tuned for the experience this bike is designed to offer.

Vamoots 33
Photo: Moots
For example, if you're looking for a size 48 frame, your seat tube will be set at 75 degrees, while the size 54 sits at 74 degrees, and size 60 frames are spotted with a 72.75-degree seat tube angle. This variation in angles is true for the head tube, too, regardless of the frame. The only aspect of the 33 that's true for all is the chain stay length, a beloved 42 cm (16.5 in).

As for the rest of what we see, all those secondary components, the likes of wheels, tires, drivetrain, and the rest, are all open to debate; Moots offers a range of full builds. So, how much can we expect to drop on a fresh and unique 33?

Don't freak out on this next one - if you know how much a titanium bike can fetch, you know the following price is a godsend - the Vamoots 33 is priced starting at $7,500 (6,900 at current exchange rates) and more elaborate build sets are sure to fetch a bit more.

For this price, we're looking at a machine sporting an AXS Rival groupset with a proprietary carbon fiber fork, DT Swiss E1800 wheels and Zipp Service Course stem, seat post, and handlebars. I wonder if I can just pick up a frame and go from there. To find out, give Moots a call and see how this crew is able to hand over a titanium bike at nearly half the price of its brethren.

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