Monaco Policemen Show Great Determination to Chase an Aventador in a Citroen C4

We've seen - or at least begun to see, because some we've never finished - hundreds of videos showing all sorts of cars accelerating hard into the famous Monte Carlo tunnel. And it's not like we have access to a restricted part of the internet where everyone's allowed, except for any police officer.
Lambo Aventador in Monaco 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
So if you're supposed to enforce the law in that city (or whatever it is), it shouldn't take that much to add things up and post a patrol car there at night. It doesn't even have to do anything: its mere presence would be enough to deter anyone from performing any sorts of unlawful shenanigans. Yes, you'd think that was obvious, but you would apparently be wrong.

On the other hand, there's also the small aspect of half the cars in Monte Carlo being more or less super, with owners who can take a speeding ticket or ten like they were nothing. Also, the supercars are part of what's making Monte Carlo great, one more reason for tourists to book the hotels, pay for the overpriced dinner, and so on. Scaring them away wouldn't be good business, but neither would an accident caused by an over-enthusiastic driver. That's a fine balance to strike for the police officers.

However, it would appear that their leniency isn't always at a certain level, oscillating depending on factors only les gars en bleu know. For instance, this Lamborghini Aventador doesn't seem to do anything we haven't seen before on countless occasions, and yet an undercover Citroen C4 makes a U-turn (almost cutting off a motorcyclist as it does so), fires up its siren, and begins its pursuit.

Sadly, that's where the video ends. As the Citroen was finishing its three-point turn, the Lamborghini was already miles away. And it's not as if it was actually trying to run away from the police - it probably had no idea it was being followed in the first place. Still, credit to the police officers for trying. They will probably file in a transfer request for Dubai after this incident.

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