Mercedes SLS AMG 5 doors. We need it!

Just try picturing the most beautiful car in the whole wide world. A five meter long SLS AMG with four seats, decent storage space of around 350-400L, 4 functional doors and two children on the back seats, delighted by the amazing sound coming out of the engine that became a classic on the day it was mounted on the very first SLS.

A car that can make a Ferrari FF look old. The way too expensive and too frail Ferrari FF, an altogether stupid car that makes no sense for any family man who would never accept having to take forced breaks for allowing the engine to cool down or waiting anxiously for the various defect-signaling dashboard lights to turn off already.

A car that lacks the all too common faults found in production Mercedes models. One that’s light, built and engineered with care, unlike most cars nowadays. Oh, and don’t forget about the absolutely delectable sound delivered at legal speeds or the exceptional handling.

Rear. Rear-wheel-drive, because AMG have shown they can build a RWD car that doesn’t run into walls almost by itself and, thanks to an intelligently-set ESP, lets you drive safely even when a spring rain shower turns the streets into hell for the way too “tail happy” 458.

An SLS AMG that won’t be based on an SUV, like the Panamera was, an SLS that AMG could build quite easily and sell even easier, as long as the price is right.

Admittedly, such a car could create its own niche, like the G63 AMG did. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real AMG that costs the same as a 458, but has 4 seats and is much, much more practical? A car that would go on to exist for decades, without major changes, nor stupid facelifts. One that would be so modern and “radical” right from the start that nobody would feel the need to redesign it every few years.

This world needs more 4-seat supercars. This world needs 4-seat supercars. People should be able to enjoy comfortable, pleasant supercars all year round.

Most people have this bad habit of establishing a family, hence the need for safe, pleasurable rides in a car with more than 2 seats and, if possible, one that’s not built for the race track. The same people don’t want a giant, ugly, stupid and completely pointless 7-seat SUV to become a member of their family.

Let me say that again: some people would want life to go on even if they’re part of a family and I’m positive they would also want to drive a very good car even if they’re not all by themselves anymore. And please, don’t even mention the 5-Series GT or other idiocies from BMW, Audi and makers of soulless boxes.

But I digress… People usually drive on public streets, you know? So we don’t care much for 70mm ground clearance, hardened suspensions that give a false feeling of handling, rock-hard seats “because that’s how sportscars are” and a boot that’s as small as a shopping bag. What we would like is intelligent safety systems that let you enjoy the car even under less than ideal conditions…

Yes, McLaren, we know you have studied passenger weight distribution extensively but it’s all for nothing if your solution for the “perfect balance” leads to an experience that’s so far from being pleasurable? What does it matter, if the car’s interior is assailed by an incredibly crass sound that will turn you numb after just one hour of driving on the highway? What’s the point, if your car isn’t a daily driver and can be enjoyed seldom and only under ideal conditions? Maybe with a crash helmet, too, tight around your face while you make a few rounds around the track (an experience you had to pay a small fortune for, just to chase your own tail like a dumb mutt).

Nobody’s denying the purpose of 2-seat supercars, but this is too much. I don’t get why you have to settle with the Gallardo’s ridiculously small legroom or tremble in fear in your 458 whenever a few raindrops hit the pavement. Or suffer both financially and in terms of comfort just to take advantage of a lighter car that’s also built with a bit more care.

Are 4-seat, comfortable supercars just a figment of imagination? Mercedes? AMG? Are you getting this?

PS: you can drop the butterfly doors and nobody will notice. The car is too damn good for that to matter for the final assessment.
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