Mercedes Confirms SLC AMG Sportscar (C190) by Releasing Spyshots

Mercedes SLC AMG C190 11 photos
Photo: Mercedes AMG via CarPxi
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Thanks to CarPix, one of the companies we work with to bring you up-to-date photos of upcoming vehicles, we have these crisp images of the Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG, a brand new concept of sportscar which will sit below the SLS in the model range, challenging Porsche 911 customers for to try something different.
These photos were released by Mercedes AMG themselves and are thus very important because they confirm rumors about this car. Just as predated, the SLC does not have the trick gullwing doors of the SLC, instead option for elegantly simple frameless glass.

Although the car's existence has been clarified, things become get a bit more complicated from now on. Though originally believed to just another new product from the AMG division, new reports suggest the our beloved SLS will be phased out and this will take its place in the loose sense of the word. Rumors also say it will not be named starting with "SL", although to be honest Mercedes clearly hasn't figured out its naming strategies yet.

This actually doesn't make a lot of sense, because the brand would thus lose a flagship model, something which is critical to attracting customers. Previous reports suggested the SLC would start at €109,000 in Germany, only slightly more expensive than a 911 Carrera S and cheaper than a 4S.

The one previous rumor that isn't being contradicted is the powertrain. Apparently, AMG has created yet another bespoke V8 just for its cars, a twin-turbo V8 with a displacement of 4.0 liters. It will first go into production first in the new C63 AMG, producing 465 hp, although the new sportscar will have a 585 hp version of that same engine.

We got so caught up in discussing the technicalities that we forgot to talk about the looks. They are always subjective, but we think a stunner is hiding under the camouflage. Once again, just like with the SLS that looked like a Viper, the American styling is evident. The new AMG sportscar has more than a passing resemblance to the Chrysler Firepower Concept built in 2005 during the Daimler-Chrysler era. The car is so old we had to dig up some photos from our vault and place them in the photo gallery below for your personal enjoyment.
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