Mercedes C-Class Coupe With 4MATIC Tows Snowboarder

Mercedes had decided that what it needs to take on BMW is a bit of Audi, and so it’s focusing on 4MATIC all wheel drive systems and offering them on more cars than ever before.
C350 4MATIC 1 photo
With the heavy snows that have hit the US recently, it was the perfect time to test a C-Class Coupe fitted with all-wheel drive and show just how fun it can be in the winter.

In these videos released by Mercedes Benz USA, a C350 4MATIC is towing a pro snowboarder behind. The idea here is to show what the system would be like in the real world.

the 4MATIC platform normally does a 45:55 front/rear torque split, but can send as much as 70% of the power to the rear if the conditions are right.

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Video thumbnail


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