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Mercedes-Benz Soon to Start Production of Another Electric Truck, the eEconic

eActros, Mercedes-Benz’s famous electric heavy-duty truck that made its digital debut earlier in June, also has a younger “brother”, eEconic. Although its purpose is not exactly the most exciting one, it still represents an important step in making cities much better for the environment, and taking clean transportation to the next level.
The eEconic is an electric truck meant to become a refuse collection vehicle 9 photos
Mercedes-Benz eEconicMercedes-Benz eEconicMercedes-Benz eEconicMercedes-Benz eEconicMercedes-Benz eEconicMercedes-Benz eEconicMercedes-Benz eEconicMercedes-Benz eEconic
Mercedes-Benz Trucks announced that the eEconic vehicle is currently undergoing intensive tests, before the following step of customer trials in real-life operation. These various trials focus on the reliability of the battery and electric powertrain in low or high temperatures, as well as on the overall safety and performance of the vehicle. Like the eActros, this electric truck will also be tested on challenging roads too.

It may not seem like an important job for a truck, but a refuse collection vehicle is an important element in any city, and switching to a CO2-neutral version can only benefit the urban communities long term. The eEconic is well suited for this job because it’s able to cover the typical refuse collection routes, without requiring en route recharging. Not to mention that it will reduce harmful emission-levels and not wake up the entire neighborhood, thanks to its low noise level.

The 27-ton vehicle is equipped with an electric axle with 2 integrated electric motors and a 2-speed transmission. The motors are liquid-cooled and generate 300 kW. At the end of each route, the batteries can be recharged at the customers’ depot, with 160 kW. This means that the eEconic can perform its entire route without unnecessary stops for recharging, which makes it also cost- and time-effective.

The eEconic was also built with urban operators in mind – the spacious cabin is comfortable enough for four people, with low entry and exit. Plus, the panoramic windscreen and low seat drastically improve the driver’s view of the road traffic.

Series production of the Mercedes-Benz eEconic is set to begin in 2022, at the company’s Worth plant. By 2039, Daimler plans to offer only CO2-neutral new vehicles in North America, Europe and Japan.

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