Mercedes-Benz Launches Comedy Sitcom Called "Crash Tales," First Episode is Good

The automotive industry isn't the place to go if you're looking for laughs. People here are working with huge budgets and immense risks that can have serious repercussions if everything isn't closely analyzed and dissected to a T, so you're likely to encounter more wrinkled foreheads than smiling faces.
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However, there is one area where the car industry has been known to entertain, and that's advertising. Every year, companies pay huge bills to the best ad agencies in the world to come up with brilliant commercials that will make their products stand out, and while some choose to go down the dramatic, emotional, or technical paths, most of the times these turn into the industry's comic relief.

There have been several great examples along the way, but Mercedes-Benz is now adding a new entry that looks quite positive. Instead of a minute-long Superbowl ad, the German manufacturer announced the launch of a series of short clips on its YouTube channel that will detail the work-life of a crash test dummy. Actually, two crash test dummies.

Meet Fred and Tommy. One is your typical hardened veteran that's seen and done everything on the job and is probably waiting for his retirement, while the other is young and enthusiastic, much to the former's despair. The first episode in the hopefully long-lasting series is called "Lucky Day." As the title suggests, no cars were harmed during the filming of this particular installment, but not everybody is necessarily happy about that.

The best thing about it - and that'll likely be a recurring theme - is the interaction between the jaded Fred and the passionate Tommy. You don't need too much background on the two to realize Fred is just inches away from smacking Tommy in the back of the head and giving him a hard lecture on life, but the hardened dummy seems to prefer to keep it all inside. For now, at least.

No more spoilers, though, so you'll have to watch the clip for yourself. Don't worry, like all good things, it's quite short.

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Editor's note: Never has a crash test dummy received so much attention since the MythBusters' Buster.

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