Tesla Cybertruck Independent Ad Is Predictably a Cheesy Sci-Fi Flick, But Good

Have you gotten used to the design of the Cybertruck? I mean, it's one thing seeing it in pictures, and completely different when it's rolling down your neighborhood with Jay Leno's head barely popping over the steering wheel.
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It's been months since the first gasp caused by the futuristic pickup was heard, and people are still having trouble believing this thing is actually going into production. And can you blame them? For years we've been told car design needs to follow a certain set of rules, while at the same time seeing vehicles very similar to the Cybertruck in movies set hundreds of years from now. Our brains need a bit more time to snap out of this indoctrination and fully embrace the oddity of Tesla's electric truck.

It's probably because this conditioning that makes seeing the Cybertruck against the red landscape of Mars seem more natural than strolling through Beverly Hills, but that's just how things stand at the moment. If anything, launching the EV will make life harder for those designing the vehicles for sci-fi movies, as they'll have to think of something new.

Tesla famously doesn't do ads - and with all this buzz around the Cybertruck it's easy to see why - but that doesn't mean that fans of the brand with the knowledge to create short clips can't have a go at it. There have been some examples in the past, but now all focus is on the upcoming pickup truck.

One such example comes from Joe Sill, who admits he might not have started the project altogether had it not been for all the extra spare time due to his forced home isolation. Well, while other people painted their walls and fixed everything that needed fixing around the house, Joe came up with an almost two minutes-long clip celebrating Tesla's first pickup truck.

It is a bit cheesy - any reference to UFOs is - but a sci-fi theme was to be expected. Plus, it's very atmospheric and well-made all-around, so it's definitely worth a watch.

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