Meet Orbiter 3b, The UAV that Proves Military Drones Are Still Cool

Israeli-based company Aeronautics have recently unveiled their latest unmanned aerial vehicle. Called Orbiter 3b, the military drone takes off from a catapult that can be mounted on a vehicle, has video motion detection and tracking technologies, and is able to transmit 10 megabytes per second of encrypted information.
The Aeronautics Orbiter 3b with Controp T-Stamp payload 1 photo
With all these civil drones getting smaller and more efficient by the day, people have the tendency to forget where it all started from. After all, the unmanned aerial vehicles were initially for army exclusive use, so it’s only natural engineers still research new ways to make the improve the drone’s performance.

Dany Eschar, Aeronautics’ deputy chief executive officer for marketing and sales, said the Orbiter 3b is the “crown jewel” of the company’s tactical UAV platforms, adding that 10 international clients, including one in the United States, have purchased the aircraft.

In specs, the drone is quite impressive. It was designed to provide seven hours of flight endurance and to have a 150 km (93 miles) range. The most looked-after package includes Controp’s T-Stamp miniature electro-optic stabilized payload, which weighs 3kg (6,6 lbs) and includes a cooled infrared night-vision camera, as well as a high-definition day camera.

According to Janes, the T-Stamp payload also comes with a laser designator enabling the Orbiter 3b to mark out surface targets for semi-active laser-guided weapons launched from other platforms. The UAV is able to transmit 10 megabytes per second of encrypted information and/or store its own mission data. Eschar added that the UAV is also resistant to hostile control and can be operated without GPS. This means it has the ability to keep low profile and operate in GPS-denied environments.

Aeronautics claims their new aircraft has a service ceiling of 18,000 ft (5,486 meters), and can fly at a speed of up to 70 kt (81mph / 130km/h). Its wingspan is 4.2m.
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