Facebook Drones To Provide Internet in Remote Areas

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The Internet is enabling you to read this article now even from a hand-held device on the run thanks to your data plan or a wireless connection nearby. You’re probably very accustomed with using this huge interconnected devices array and imaging a life without it feels like a nightmare. Still, more than half of the Earth’s population is not connected to it; some don’t even know what the Internet is.
This happens because of devices and service plans being too expensive in third world countries, or the content not being available in the local language. But one of the biggest problems is the infrastructure, with some areas not even providing signal for a cellphone.

As part of a bigger project, large companies like Google are trying to provide access to the Internet for the two thirds of the world that are missing the fun. Facebook recently announced it will join too and now said something about some drones that will do the job.

Facebook drones are coming

According to a Softpedia report, Facebook Connectivity Lab engineering director Yael Maguire said they are working to build lightweight unmanned aircraft to fly over such Internet-lacking areas and beam the right waves for the people to connect.

Unlike Google’s balloons, these planes are said to be as large as six or seven Toyota Prii but weight about four tires. Power will have to come from the sun since they’ll have to fly for weeks above the areas. Speaking of that, they’ll have to go above the clouds and even higher than the altitude where commercial planes hang around. This means an altitude of over 60,000 feet (18,300 m).

The technology is still in early development. Currently, the longest time a drone/light aircraft continuously flew is two weeks. Maguire said they hope to reveal their prototype and begin testing next year. But even so, he believes it will take another three or four years for the drones to actually provide Internet access to the areas they fly over.
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