Mechanic Takes Customer’s Focus ST for a 118 MPH Joyride

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Photo: Screenshot from Liveleak
When Wayne Clinning took his Ford Focus ST in for a speedometer check he definitely didn’t expect to get his car back with only half a tank of fuel after filling it up the morning he dropped it off. What he didn’t know at first was that someone took a trip with his hot hatch, somewhere in the triple digit speed zone.
Clinning initially went to an official Ford garage according to the video’s description (even though as we can see in the beginning, that doesn’t look like a dealership at all) and asked them to check the speedometer and the tracking on his ST.

Seeing as when he picked his car up its tank had been almost ran dry, he started asking questions but no concrete answers were given. Therefore, the next time he came in to the same shop, he activated an on-board camera hidden behind the rearview mirror to see exactly what happened.

We weren’t surprised to learn that one of the mechanics apparently took his car for a joyride in which he reached speeds as high as 118 mph (190 km/h), well above the speed limit, especially for the UK (that is known for its more conservative approach towards higher speeds). He couldn’t believe it though.

In the video we can clearly see the driver breaking the law and even revving the engine hard and launching it at one point. Now, we know that the Focus ST is a desirable car, especially if you’re a hot hatch fan but when it comes to other people’s property, a little more caution would’ve been wise.

Not only did the mechanic ignore every possible rule in the book but he also looked through the man’s bags that were still in the car, maybe something of value could’ve been snatched while he was at it.

The only explanation for his behavior could be that he wanted to see if the speedometer worked even in the triple digit range but even so, without the owner’s consent, this is still unacceptable.

However, this kind of thing happens all the time to unfortunate drivers and we’d like to hear your stories. What’s the most outrageous service/dealer experience you ever had?

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